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Mount Major Snowmobile Club Inc. is a non-profit New Hampshire corporation. The club has been in existence for over 46 years.

“Why not become a member yourself?”

Alton Bay, NH (on Lake Winnipesaukee) in the winter.Mount Major Snowmobile Club Inc. is a non-profit New Hampshire corporation. The club has been a charter of the NHSA since 1970. Like most snowmobiling clubs in the Lakes Region, it is dedicated to the creation and maintenance of a snowmobile trail system – for the enjoyment of all.

Much of what we do relies on the generosity if volunteers. It is volunteers who, through countless hours of work, improve and maintain the trails, keep bridges in repair, and finally, groom the trails. The Mount Major Club maintains approximately 60 miles of trails, most of which are on privately owned land. Without the land owners generous permission to cross their property there would be no trail system. Never miss an opportunity to thank these land owners.

The money received through memberships is used to pay the required club insurance, rent excavator equipment (to remove rocks from some of the worst trail sections), buy bridge material, and pay for the fuel and maintenance of our groomers.

We're also a member of the NHSA! The New Hampshire Snowmobile Association is dedicated to promoting the sport of snowmobiling and snowmobiling safety.

Interested in becoming a member of the Mount Major Snowmobile Club? For more information about joining, please see our Membership Application Form page.

Club Officers:
    President - Vickie Bergeron vickie@worldpath.net
    Vice President - Larry Brown lbrown@bpsnh.com
    Secretary - Leslie Rentel leslie03809@gmail.com
    Treasurer - Joanne Lundy mtmajorsc@gmail.com
    Trail Master - Bob Bergeron bob@worldpath.net