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In case you were unable to attend any of the 2012-2013 season's MMSC meetings, read about what went on.

      “Please try to attend the 2012-2013 meetings in person, we can use everyone's input!

This is an informal compilation of what was discussed during some of our 2012-2013 meetings.




Minutes from December 11, 2012

Work is progressing on the reroute of Trail-D to reconnect the Jesus Valley Rd end to the Bay. This section will be usable this season thanks to the major work from Roger and Leon, along with the land owners who graciously stepped up to the plate with their help and permission to use their property for the reroute. It will not be possible to reconnect the other end of Trail-D to the state forest this year due to time constraints. A plan is being put together for next year.

Reestablishing Trail-M through Carlton's property is not going to happen this year. There are concerns about running the river and issues which may arise from the installation of new curbing around the rotary. A reminder from the club that using either location is not sanctioned by the club and that these locations are used at your own risk. Snowmobiling is inherently a dangerous sport. We do not guarantee conditions anywhere on the trails. They are all used at your own risk. We will not be able to use the driveway of the house at the corner of Spring St. this year. The new owner has allowed us to use the corner of his property. This will work if the snow plow people from the town do not pile snow there.

They will be spoken to in hopes that they will cooperate with keeping this area open. There has been a row of large rocks placed across the state forest at Alton Mt. Rd. A couple of these will be moved to allow access for the groomer.

Rocks blocking access on Trail-E will also be moved for the season. All rocks will be replaced in the spring. A location has been found to base a small groomer on Rte. 11D. This will enable this section of trail to get groomed. It would be extremely difficult to continue grooming this trail as was done in past years due to the partial closure of Trail-D.

Minutes from November 13, 2012

There were 15 members present.

Trail reports:
   Hussey's driveway has been staked by Larry and Leslie.
   The bridge over Coffin Brook has been repaired by Larry and Leslie.
   The bridge on Rte. 11D by the telephone company has had wear strips installed by Larry and Leslie.
   The bridge near Johnsons on Trail-M has been repaired by Larry and Leslie.
   Two new bridges have been built on Bob's land thanks to Norm and Roger for the telephone poles and Larry, Leslie, Bob, and Ray for the bridge construction.
   Dennis has spoken to John Young regarding the use of the old Gray property (Trail-D). He did not get a good feeling regarding the use of this land. He will try to set up a meeting with John for the club.
   Leon has been working on a reroute and has been successful at getting halfway across in order to get the groomer onto the trail.
   There are 2 bridges along Trail-D near Jesus Valley Rd which need repairs. Leon will do the work if he is able to connect the trail to them.
   There is one more bridge on Bob's land which needs repair.
   Joanne will speak to a Fish and Game agent to speak to Carlton on our behalf regarding the reopening of Trail-M.

We requested $13,000 from Grant and aid for grooming but were approved for $10,805.40.