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In case you were unable to attend any of the 2013-2014 season's MMSC meetings, read about what went on.

      “Please try to attend the 2013-2014 meetings in person, we can use everyone's input!

This is an informal compilation of what was discussed during some of our 2013-2014 meetings.




Minutes from April 8, 2014

Minutes of the Meeting – April 8, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 P.M. There were 15 members present.

The minutes from last month’s meeting and the budget were reviewed and accepted. There are 5 bills still outstanding: Maps - $1953.92, Robertson Sports - $1827.26, Land and Sea - $76.40 and $188.45, NHSA insurance endorsement - $10.00.

Trail ‘E’:

There is a section where crushed gravel or bridges are needed. Larry Brown will try to approach the land owner regarding trail improvement. He has sent a picture of the Avery Hill Rd. gate to the Alton Conservation Commission for their approval, which was given. He will ask Chris Johnson to assist with the digging of holes for telephone poles to install the gates along the railroad bed. Joanne Shibley has the needed poles and Larry Brown has most of the other needed materials. Reflective striping and locks will need to be purchased.

Trail ‘D’:

Chuck Weston has asked whether a gate needs to be installed along the trail near Jesus Valley Rd. The Wyatt's will be asked if they desire one to be installed. Chuck was given the 4 signs for his property which he had requested. The Alton Board of Selectmen will be holding a meeting on Monday, April 21 (at 6:00 P.M.) at the Town Hall regarding the continued use of Rand Hill Rd by the MMSC. All club members are requested to attend. A reminder e-mail will be sent to them.

Trail ‘R’:

The trees which needed to be removed for Tucker clearance have been removed. The gate on Norm Hillsgrove’s property has been closed as of 4/7/14. The club is considering designating Trail ‘R’ as a Primary Trail. Discussions have been held with the Gilmanton Club and they agree with this change. An application for a Primary Trail assignment will be made to DRED.

March Grooming:

The Tucker has put in for 45.2 hours (248.2 hours for the season.) The amounts for the remaining groomers have not yet been totaled.

Maintenance on Groomers:

John McAuliffe has requested springs for his drag. The tracks have come partially off the Tucker four times this season. The cause for this is unknown but Get Sno suggested that turning while not moving might be causing this problem.  Seven Lakes Club does not have any used tracks for sale as we initially thought. The smaller tracks can still be ordered in lots of twelve. We need to ask other clubs if they desire to purchase tracks or continue our search for used tracks. The NH Snow Shakers have expressed an interest in purchasing our Tucker. If we can sell it to another club we will receive more money for it than a straight trade in. Dave Glassier relays that the State is reconsidering the number of rehabs which they are requiring as the life expectancy of the rehabs does not seem to justify the expense.

RTP Grant:

They will be meeting on April 25. We will not know their decision until after that.


We will be asking for a new Tucker, either with the RTP Grant or as a standalone request.  We will also request $2000.00 for bridge decking and $10,000.00 for the shelving along Sunset Shores Rd. Vickie Bergeron will get a land owner permission form from the Town of Alton.

Signs: Sign requests for next season were turned in and will be sent to DRED.

Misc.:  The Gilmanton Club is trying to extend the trail along Belknap Mt to Round Pond. Larry Brown has replaced the boards on Pop’s Clamshell which had been damaged by an unknown snowmobile. Vickie Bergeron will update the Landowner Permission list. We will be sending them thank you cards.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 P.M.

Minutes from March 11, 2014

 The meeting was called to order at 7:05P.M. There were 13 members present.

The minutes from last month’s meeting were reviewed and accepted.

The budget was reviewed and accepted. The bill for February Tucker grooming is $4,317.00. The other groomer’s hours have not yet been added.

There are still a few sweat shirts and baseball caps available.

Tucker update: The new cable for the winch has been installed. The tucker is into its 13th season and third drag. Welding is needed on the plow frame. There has been serious wear on the tracks and instances of the tracks coming off. We will ask Seven Lakes Club whether they still have the two used tracks available to sell. The upgrade on the new tracks that is available would cost $25,000.00 and does not include the cost of the carrier update.  Matt at Get Snow has told the State that too many rehabs. are being done on older machines.

Other Groomers: Some of the groomers are still not being used as much as they should be. The Tracker has seen approximately 24 hours use and has some damage caused by a tree. One Skandik has seen less than 10 hours use.

RTP Grant: Vickie Bergeron has submitted the grant request to DRED on March 6, 2014. We should get a reply on or about April First. Bob Bergeron has spoken to Dave Glassier about the grant. Dave was not very optimistic for us. It was also stated that we would receive less money in any grant if we traded in our Tucker vs. selling it to another club. If we receive the grant to purchase a new Tucker, it would also require receiving a grant and aid for its purchase, and the club would need to seek a bank loan for approximately $44,000.00.

Sunset Shores Rd: We have received written permission from the Town of Alton to improve the snowmobile trail along the side of Sunset Shores Rd. They have requested that we use our own contractor but that they would like to oversee the project.

Trail ‘E’: The gates which were promised to the Alton Conservation Commission need to be installed. Larry Brown will pursue this project as soon as the ground has thawed enough to do so.

Trail ‘D’: We have received permission from the Wyatts to relocate the steep section of trail which is located near Jesus Valley Rd.

Trail ‘R’: The need to remove a few trees still exists in order to maneuver the Tucker through the trail.

Election of Officers/Directors: All present officers and directors were reelected to their present positions for the 2015 snowmobile season.

Signs: While the trails are still ridable, everyone should make note of what signs need to be ordered for next year. A sign is needed for the back of the Bergeron’s  garage to make the map sale box more visible. Sign renovation/improvement has been requested by Chuck Westen for along the trail on his property. The Memorial plaque and sign post for the Hemeon Bridge at Coffin Brook Sand and Gravel has been damaged and the plaque is missing.  An inquiry will be posted to Facebook to see if anyone knows what happened.

Misc.: It is encouraged that anyone who needs Tucker driving practice to use the smaller trails on the Bergeron’s property as a driver training site. Additional keys will be made for each operator.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 P.M. 

Minutes from February 11, 2014

 The meeting was called to order at 7:05 P.M. There were 22 members present.

The minutes from last moths meeting were reviewed and accepted.

Budget:  Reviewed and accepted with a couple of questions which need further research. The bills have paid for diesel ($956.00) Google Search ($100.00), and bridge lumber ($2174.00.) The December grooming money has been received.

Facebook: Facebook is doing very well. This is a good place for members to post their thought.  We also would like members to send pictures and/or video.

Sunset Shores Road: Vickie Bergeron will continue discussions with the Alton Town Administrator, Russ Bailey, to finalize approval from the selectmen for shelving work on Sunset Shores Road. They have stated that they now desire the work to be done by someone other than the town.  Vickie will ask for an official letter from the Town Selectmen, stating their permission and requirements.

RTP Grant: The club will apply for funds to be used towards a new Tucker. The club will also apply for Grand and Aid. Receiving the two grants, along with the fact that we would not need to purchase a new drag, may make each grant more likely to be issued. Currently the Tucker that we tried to buy last year is still available. A motion was made by Leslie Rentel to have Bob Bergeron be responsible for the grant writing. The motion passed.  Letters of recommendation are needed from non-snowmobile users of our trails (hikers, bikers, cross country skiers) which will be submitted with our grant application.

Sweatshirts and hats: Heavy weight black crew neck sweatshirts with our logo on the front will be ordered. A signup sheet was passed around at the meeting for specific sizes.

Neeley property on Rand Hill Rd: Bob Bergeron has written and sent a response to the letter which was received. There has been no additional response from the Neeleys. Leslie Rentel will make additional signs for Leon Gloshinski to post along Rand Hill Rd. Larry Brown has already posted informational signs there.

County Meeting: Larry Brown attended and reported no information was conveyed at the meeting which would require our immediate attention.

Nomination for Officers:  All current officers were nominated for 2015 to their current positions. Election of officers will be held at next month’s meeting.

It was voted and approved to purchase a new winch cable for the Tucker.

We will continue discussions in the spring with Bob Carlton regarding the reopening of Trail ‘M’.

Rob Wood has offered to pursue a better route for Trail ‘D’ for the future which may enable us to get off the road all together. Roger Sample will work with him on this project.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 P.M.

Minutes from January 14, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 P.M. There were 13 members present. The minutes from last moths meeting were reviewed and accepted.

A free membership was given to Gary Robertson for his donation of spare belts for the Skandics.

Budget: Reviewed and accepted. December was a good month for grooming. A bill has been received for diesel (for $956.00) as of 1/14/14. $100.00 has been paid for Google search. The outstanding bill for $2,174 for bridge lumber will be paid.

Facebook & Twitter: Facebook is doing very well. Twitter is not doing well and may be dropped next year. If was discussed how useful Facebook should be for getting information to members, such as work parties and updates to the website.  We also need to consider posting to NH Community Group on Facebook.

Sunset Shores Road: Vickie Bergeron has contacted the Alton Town Administrator, Russ Bailey, to finalize approval from the selectmen for shelving work on Sunset Shores Road.

RTP Grant:  It was discussed if the club should apply for funds to be used toward a new Tucker. Currently the one that we tried to buy last year is still available. A motion was made by John McAuliffe to apply for the grant, the motion passed. We should look into hiring a professional grant writer to help us.

Sweatshirts and hats: Review of options. They will be crew neck and black with logo on front.  When information is finalized, Leslie Rentel will e-mail members to see who wants any.

Neeley property on Rand Hill Rd: A letter was received regarding our use of their land. Bob Bergeron will write a response to her and offer contact with Chris Gamache.

Thank a Land Owner: Club thank you cards will be sent at the end of the year to all our major land owners to let them know how much we appreciate them letting us cross their property.

County Meeting: To be held on Jan. 16 at 7 P.M. Larry Brown said he would attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 P.M.


Minutes from December 10, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 P.M. There were 13 members present.

Last month’s minutes were reviewed and approved.

The budget was reviewed and approved.

$11,340.00 has been approved of our grooming grant. This is $3612.00 less than requested.

Roger Sample was elected to fill the vacant Directors position.

     The new Tucker drag is ready to go.
     The narrower wheels from our old drag have been installed.
     The purchase of spare drive belts for the Skandics (as needed) was approved. Leon Gloshinski will look into getting them possibly donated or at a discount.
     A schedule for groomer operation is needed to maximize its usage.
     A Tucker familiarization session will be held on Sat. Dec.21 at 11 A.M. at Bob Bergeron’s house. Anyone needing directions call 875-6714.
     A link to the groomer training video and test is available on our web site (www.mountmajorsnowmobileclub.com/videos/nhsa_groomer-training_video.htm).
     Anyone interested in operating any groomer must have a groomer safety certificate.

Corr. Trail ‘22’:
     We still owe $600. for trail improvement. $5,000.00 has been paid.
     Signs are partially put up on rerouted section.
     The gate has been installed (thanks to John and Charlie) at Lot Line Road.  
     The proposed shelving project of Sunset Shores Road has been postponed due to cost. A grant will be needed for this improvement. A possible alternative is being pursued with land owners to get the trail off the roads.

Trail ‘D’:
     The reroute has been completed. Two new bridges have been built.  Signs are in the process of being installed. Thank you to Roger Sample for his work and to everyone who helped and donated fuel for the excavator.
     Signs are also being installed to limit the confusion created by logging near Jesus Valley Road. Trail ‘E’:
     We have received correspondence from the Belknap Range Hiking Commission regarding new hiking trail signage along our Trails ‘D’ and ‘E’. They request to work with us to limit any confusion, Vickie Bergeron has been in contact with them.

Trail ‘R’:
     Trees which need removing have been identified and marked.
     Jones bridge: As requested by the selectmen, an e-mail was sent to Alton Park and Rec Dept. stating our regret that the MMSC could not afford to top deck the bridge this year ($700.) but look forward to making this trail viable next year. Without this letter the possibility existed that the bridge would have snowmobile access permanently banned. Park and Rec will place a rock to block access for this season.

     A proof was presented and approved. Map delivery is expected in about one week. An updated list is needed for the web site as to locations where the map is available.

Web Site:
     The web site has been completely rebuilt thanks to Bob and Vickie Bergeron. It has an exciting new look.
     If members have pictures or short videos to share, they can be sent and posted. Also, we are looking for any suggestions members may have about the web site. MMSC is now on Facebook and Twitter (@SledMtMajor).
     $100. has been approved for the yearly fee for Google search.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:34 P.M.

Minutes from November 11, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 P.M. There were 21 members present. The minutes from last month’s meeting and current budget were reviewed and approved. Currently the club has about $1,000 more of current bills then cash.

Grant-in-Aid update:
   There may still be grant money available if all the approved grants are not fully used.

Groomer update:
   The new drag is scheduled to be delivered on Friday. The wheels and tongue will be changed. One of the Skandics and drag has been relocated to cover Trail ‘R’. Corr.

Trail ‘22’: John M. will purchase gate material for Lot Line Rd. Chain and lock will be the responsibility of the land owner. Bridge repair is needed on Frohock Rd section. Brush cutting is needed between Rte. 140 and Rte. 28. The entire trail on Bergeron property has been recut for width and height. Additional work is needed on Davis Rd section.

Tail work - Sunday, Nov. 23 at 9 AM. Trail ‘D’: Trail work and a new bridge have been completed behind Roger S.’s house. Brad J. has received approval from Lakewood Dr members to extend the trail through Lakewood community property. This will allow for most of the riding on Rand Hill Rd to be relocated off the road. The new map will reflect this change. Trail work will be needed. A second bridge and a culvert will be needed. Brad J. will look into creating an easement for this trail. The section of ‘D’ near Jesus Valley Rd has major slash from a logging operation which needs to be cleared.

Trail work - Sat and Sun., Nov. 16 and 17 at 9 AM. Trail ‘E’:
   There is still major trail work needed near the marina. Larry B. will present our gate proposal to the Conservation Commission for their approval. The plan is to put in the gates when the boulders are removed from the trail this fall.

Trail ‘R’:
   There is still some tree removal needed. John M. feels that this task will be easier to do via snowmobile.

Map Update:
   All advertisements have been sold. Trail locations were proofread. East Alton trail will be relabeled ‘non-club trail.” Sections of Trail ‘E’ which are not maintained will be identified as a fine dotted line. Closed portion of ‘M’ will remain as a dotted line.

‘Race into Winter’ Super Raffle:
   We have sold the minimum number of tickets to qualify for the DRED donation. Due to lack of clubs participating, they have changed the rules so we may not get the amount of money which was originally stated. We still have 7 tickets available.

Jones Bridge:
   We are unfortunately not able to top deck the bridge this year due to lack of funds. The estimated cost is $650.00. Park and Rec. will place a rock to block this bridge. We hope to change this for next season and to extend this trail to make it more useful.

   Irwin’s Snowmobile Show - Five members worked at show.
   Notification of trail work parties will be sent to members via e-mail.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.

Minutes from October 8, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM. There were 13 members present. The minutes from last month’s meeting and current budget were reviewed and approved.

Grant-in-Aid update:
   There is a possibility that the work done on the reroute of Corr. Trail 22 may receive Grant-in-aid money.

Trail Updates:
   Route 28 Lot Line Rd Bypass - Most work has been completed by D. Hussey. A work party will be called to do brush cutting. A gate needs to be installed on Lot Line Rd at M. Cornellisan’s property. He will be instructed to put a lock on it if desired and to forward a copy of the key to C. Addison.
   Trail ‘D’ - Leon has been in contact with Brad Jones. They plan to walk the property soon. Brad still needs to contact a few land owners for permission to cross their property. Roger S. has been walking an alternative route and believes that this route is doable. There are still land owners who need to be approached on his route.
   Trail ‘E’ - Trail widening between Rte. 11 and Rte. 11D has been completed. A work party needs to be scheduled for trail widening at the marina. Gates will need to be installed along the railroad bed. Larry B. will find out what type of gates Russell from the Conservation Commission wants to put there.
   Trail ‘R’ - John M. believes that the widening of sections of trail can wait until the Tucker can actually ride the trail. Trees will be removed as needed. This will eliminate taking trees unnecessarily. The Skandic from Larry S. will be relocated to cover this section of trail.

   All the needed advertising has been sold but there are some problems with ad copy that still need to be addressed. Map visual design was reviewed.

   Maintenance on the Tucker completed by B + B at a cost of $370. It will be delivered this weekend. The issue with the throttle cable may still be unresolved. The location of all grooming equipment was discussed. A groomer signup sheet was given out.

‘RACE INTO WINTER’ Super Raffle:
   20 of the required minimum of 25 tickets have been sold.

President’s Meeting:
   Grooming certificates do not expire. There are 104 snowmobile clubs and 18 ATV clubs. The problem with the illegal use of ATVs on snowmobile trails was presented. Snowmobile registrations have a high of 65,000 and a low of 27,000. Last year there were 42,000 sleds registered. The Trail Masters meeting will be held on Nov. 16th at Attitash Grand Summit Hotel in Bartlett.

Jones Field Bridge:
   Parks and Recreation has redecked this bridge. If we intend to continue using this trail we must cover it to protect it from the ice picks at a cost between $650.00 and $750.00. A survey will be emailed to members to see if this is something that we want to do.

Irwins Marine:

   They will be holding a snowmobile show on Nov.2 and has invited the MMSC to be the showcase club. We will need members to help man the table during the event.

Trail work:
   60 pieces of bridge decking have been ordered at a cost of $1,050.00. It should be delivered by the end of this month. There will be work parties for the weekend of Oct 19 and 20. E-mails will be sent with additional information.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 P.M.

Minutes from September 10, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM. There were 14 members present.

Grant and Aid Update:
   We will not be receiving any equipment purchase or trail improvement grant and aid this year. Larry Brown will call Get Snow to try to find out what happened to the Tucker which they ordered for us and see if the deposit can be returned. If not the deposit will go to pay for a new drag.
   The grooming contract has been received and needs to be filled out and returned to DRED by Oct 11, 2013.

Trail Updates:
   Trail-22 (Route-28) Hussey will begin trail relocation on his property soon. A price of $5,000.00 has been agreed upon for this work. There will also be brush cutting required. A work party will be scheduled.
   Trail-22 (Sunset Shores) An estimate has been received from the Town of Alton for $13,982.00 for the shelving work that we would like to see done. This is not feasible at this time. A RTP Grant will be applied for this winter to cover this project. As an alternative, the owner of the property on the opposite side of the street will be approached for permission to move the trail to his property.
   Trail-D (Rand Hill Rd.) Leon G. will walk new trails possible location with Brad. Roger S. will investigate an alternative plan.
   Trail-E Larry Brown has spoken with the landowner and has gained permission to widen the trail between Rt. 11 and Rt. 11D. A work detail will be scheduled shortly. Permission has also been granted to widen the trail on Andrews Marine property.
   The Alton Conservation Commission Has granted permission to replace trail blocking rocks with gates along the RR bed (approx. 4 gates.) These gates will be installed next spring.
   Trail R- No Report.

   New revised trail maps need to be printed.
   Past advertisers will be approached to renew their ads.
   Ads are $250.00 each and there will be 1,500 maps printed.

   A proposed MMSC Budget for the 2013-2014 season was presented and accepted with minor changes.

   A motion by Leslie R. and seconded by Larry S. to have the preventative maintenance for the Tucker done by B+B. Motion approved. B+B will also look into rather the throttle cable which was paid for last year was really done.

"Race into Winter" Super Raffle tickets were presented. The proceeds from this raffle will be returned to the clubs via a donation to assist with groomer fuel costs.

NHSA Presidents Meeting:
   The issue of illegal ATV use on the snowmobile trails will be presented. The clubs receive no portion of ATV registration fees but have to cope with the impact that ATV cause (land owner anger, trail wear and tear.)

Bridge decking:
   Numerous bridges need repair system wide. $1,000.00 of decking will be ordered.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:07 PM.