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In case you were unable to attend any of this season's MMSC meetings, read about what went on.

      “Please try to attend the meetings in person, we can use everyone's input!

This is an informal compilation of what was discussed during some of our most recent meetings.



Minutes of the Meeting- November 10, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM. There were 13 members present.

The minutes of last month’s meeting were reviewed and, on a motion by Joanne Shibley, approved.

The cash report was reviewed and, on a motion by Joanne, approved.

The NHSA Trailmaster’s meeting will be held on Nov. 21. Larry Sullivan and Leslie Rentel will attend.

Groomer updates:
New tracks for the Tracker will cost more than anticipated. There are funds available to cover the additional cost.
The missing exhaust pipe for the Tucker has not yet been found.
Sale of Skandic- We received 2 offers. Additional sales contacts will be sought.

Alton Shores updates:
The town has approved the work which was done.

Frohock Brook Road:
The work has been completed, including the list of items that the town of Alton requested. There is still a need for additional signs.

Turtle Kraal updates:
They have denied our request to restore a trail. We must monitor the river conditions.

Primary Trail 305 updates:
There is a boulder which would improve the trail if removed. On a motion by Joanne, $200.00 was approved to spend on this project. We must get land owner permission for this project. There is a possibility that there has been a change of ownership. Ownership of this parcel of land needs to be investigated.

Corridor Trail 22 updates:
Two loads of free fill will be sought to fill a rocky section near Rte. 140. Up to $50.00 per load for delivery has been approved.

Trail Work updates:
An inventory of available bridge material is needed. Additional materials may need to be purchased.
Trail ‘D’ updates:
Two bridges on the Langille section of trail need to be redecked. One bridge will also need new telephone poles. The two bridges on Ric Ouellette’s property need repairs. Brush cutting is needed between the bottom of Straightback Mt. and Jesus Valley Rd. The section between Corr. Trail ‘22’ and the bottom of Straight back Mt. has been cleaned.

Trail ‘E’ updates:
There is a possibility to reroute around a section of rocky trail. Land owner permission is needed from Roberts. The section along the rail road bed near the telephone company needs brush cutting, for a distance of about 200 yards.

Rand Hill Road updates:
Renewal of permission to ride the road has been sought from the Town of Alton.

Straightback Trail updates:
The top of Straight back Mt. needs brush cutting.

Poker Run updates:
A committee still needs to be formed and a meeting called by the Chair, Karen Provencher. We have received tentative confirmation from Parks and Rec. for the dates requested.

Woman's Ride:
We will have a ’Women’s Ride’, a ‘Family Ride’, and a group ride up north this season. The dates for these events have not yet been set.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 PM.

Minutes from October 13, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 P.M. There were 17 members present, including all officers.

The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and, on a motion by Joanne Shibley, approved.

The proposed 2016 budget was reviewed and, on a motion by Joanne Shibley, approved.  A separate ‘rainy day fund’ still needs to be set up.

Groomer updates:
The Tucker is ready for the new season.  All maintenance and repairs have been done. Roger Sample transported the drag for repairs, which have been completed. The oldest Skandic and drag will be put up for sale. The asking price will be between $5,500.00 and $6,000.00.

Trail Improvement updates:
The work along the sides of Sunset Shores Road is completed.

Frohock Brook Road updates:
The new sections still need to be cleaned. A work party is scheduled for Sat., Oct.17, at 9:00 AM. The section beyond Alton Mt Rd still needs confirmation of the route and clearing. The land owner has requested that the brush is to be separated and any usable wood be stacked neatly.

Turtle Kraal updates:
We have not heard from the landowner for approval of the requested route.

Poker Run updates:
It was approved to hold the Poker Run on Sat., March 5 with a rain date of March 12. A committee need to be formed to plan for this event.

It was approved to sell tickets for the NHSA Super Raffle.

The winter grooming GIA has been sent in.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 PM.

Minutes from September 8, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 P.M. There were 11 members present. All officers were present except Ray Johnson and Leon Gloshinski.

The minutes of the last meeting (4/14/2015) were reviewed and, on a motion by Bill Breen, approved. The minutes of the E-board meeting (8/4/15) were presented, and approved.

Tucker updates:
The engine long block has been replaced and appeared to run Ok at the Old Home Day parade. Unfortunately, the muffler exhaust pipe fell off somewhere along the parade route and could not be found. The maintenance has been done by Get Snow. This included: idler wheels taken off, adjusted, and replaced, 3 seals replaced, hydraulic circuit repaired, and brakes and calipers replaced. The vibration issues seem to be improved. It is not known if the issues with the plow blade falling have been corrected. In view of the apparent quality of work done, it was approved to have Get Snow perform future maintenance. The drag needs to be transported to Land and Sea for repairs. Roger Sample believes that he has a trailer which will work. He will look into it and arrange the date (possibly on Monday of next week) with Bob Bergeron. Vickie Bergeron has filled in and sent the required Tucker maintenance report to the State.
There has been no repair work performed as yet on the Geo Tracker.

NHSA updates:
They is progressing towards doing on-line memberships. To participate, we are required to conform to a general $35.00 membership level on 1/1/16. We had approved, at the 8/4/15 E-board meeting, to increase our membership fee immediately. A new membership form and first letter were reviewed, and approved for mailing to our members.

GIA updates:
We have been approved for $1,800 to shelve Sunset Shores. We have $6205.90 on hand. $4,000.00 of this can be applied to trail improvement for a total of $5,800.00 for trail work. The bill for officers and directors insurance is $185.00. We will apply for an increase of 10% for this year’s grooming grant and get all new log books so everyone will be using the same form. There will be training on how to fill out the forms, which must be done by the first of the month. The Tucker log book will stay in the Tucker.

Everything is in order to begin work at the Frohock Brook Rd reroute. Larry Brown will set up dates for trail work. The approval of road riding along Rand Hill Rd needs to be renewed with the Board of Selectmen.

Turtle Kraal reroute updates:
The new route has been walked and flagged by Bob Bergeron and is waiting for final approval by Mike. The old bridge will be reused but will need an additional telephone pole and complete redecking. Additional land owner permission will be required by one of the land owners adjacent to the main driveway into Turtle Kraal, as well as from Parandes for across the street on Rte. 28 for river access.

Karen Provencher has proposed a Poker Run on Feb. 6. Leslie Rentel will look into the availability of the Alton Bay community center.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 PM.