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Print and mail this PDF-version of the MMSC Membership-Application Form.

“ Allow about 7-days for us to process your application.”

Why join a snowmobile club? There is more to snowmobile trails than snow and a registration. Click here for details.

Not a snowmobiler? If you are a cross-country skier or hiker, enjoying the trails we maintain, please consider joining. 

Open and Print this PDF-version of the MMSC Membership-Application Form. Be sure to include your check with this mailed-in form.

Click here to open and print the form.

Phone: 1-603-875-6714
Online Membership Form: Click to use online membership form with PayPal

Membership forms, maps, and sled registrations are also available (in season) at:
     Freedom Cycle (110 Manchester St, Concord)
     HK Powersports (1197 Union Ave, Laconia)
Irwin Marine (396 Main St, Alton Bay)
     Rochester Motorsports (Route 11, Rochester)
     Rochester Sports Center (Route 125, Barrington)

Maps only are also available at:
     Blacks Paper/Gift Store (Main St, Wolfeboro)            
     Circle Grocery (Route 11, Alton)            
     Johnson Marketplace (Route 11, New Durham)
     Johnson Seafood & Steak House (Route 11, New Durham)
     JP China (Route 11, Alton Bay)              
     Village Store (Route 11, Alton)

Are you enjoying our trail system? Please contribute to help purchase sand, gravel, wood, pipes and other materials needed to upgrade and maintain the trails. Each year only a hand full of members spend countless hours, use their personal equipment, and sometimes their own money working on the trails. Not to mention them working at getting land owners permission to ride on their land - so you can enjoy your ride. The amount of money that DRED gives the club through Grant-in-Aid no way covers the cost needed to maintain the trails. Also remember that the club has to maintain the groomers and drags. There are insurance costs, fuel and repairs not to mention the monthly payments on our 2014 Tucker. These costs are paid by the club with no help from DRED. So please wether you’re a member of our club or not, and you enjoy our trails, help us with a contribution. It will be greatly appreciated, and no amount is too small. Thank you.

Have you joined the NHSA (New Hampshire Snowmobile Association) yet? Click here to check out the benefits of doing so..