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Our brand new Tucker-1000 has arrived!
1/27/2015 - With the first real snow, we finally can put our new 2014 Tucker-1000 to the test. Here it is at the top of Alton Mountain.





Coffin Book Bridge memorial plaque reinstalled.
12/15/2013 - Leslie has refurbished and reinstalled the "Joshua M. Hemeon" memorial plaque, which was removed during the Route-28 Coffin Brook bridge repair.

MMSC Facebook page is now online!
12/10/2013 - We have created a Mount Major Snowmobile Club Facebook page. Club members will be able to add content after the December 15, 2013 season start. 

All new MMSC website launches!
12/10/2013 - We have recreated the Mount Major Snowmobile Club's web site on a new server, using primarily HTML5 and CSS3 compliant coding. The old Java applets are gone and replaced by Flash videos, etc. This is a work in progress, so more than a few errors and bugs will be weeded out over the next week. We will appreciate an e-mail regarding any bugs or spelling errors you notice. New content will also begin being posted after the December 15, 2013 season start.