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Meeting 11/14 - 6PM

The next meeting of the Mt Major Snowmobile Club will be on Tuesday, Nov 14, at 6 PM at the American Legion post on Rt 28 in Alton. There have been lots of exciting things happening. There is still lots to do before riding can happen. Come check it out. There will be a door prize of one NHSA Super Raffle ticket. Hope to see you there. Your input is very important.

There will be a very important minor reroute work detail this Saturday, Nov. 11, starting at 9 AM behind Suncook Valley Self Storage located at 800 Suncook Valley Rd. Please do not block access to the storage units when parking. If you value or ride Primary Trail 305 this is needed or there will be a break in the trail. A long needed bridge is scheduled to be built after this off Dudley Rd. Please help!

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