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Consider making a donation to help us continue improving our trail system

Please contribute to help maintain our system.  Each year we improve our trails thanks to the many members who send additional donations and those members who spend countless hours, use their personal equipment, and sometimes their own money working on the trails.

Remember that the amount of registration money that is returned to the club, through Grant-in-Aid, in no way covers the total costs.  The club must also maintain the groomers and drags, cover insurance, fuel and repairs, not to mention the monthly payments on our Tucker.  Examples of Winter 2020 expenses include:

  • Fuel used: $2300

  • Insurance: $3826

  • Tucker tracks (after grant): $5835

  • Tucker lease: $751 per month

  • Bridge installation and repair: $2500.

So please, whether you are a member of our club or not, if you enjoy the trails, help us with an extra contribution. It will be greatly appreciated, and no amount is too small.

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