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Our 2023 Trail Sponsors

Thanks to our Club Level Sponsors who have provided us valuable resources to keep our club operations running.

  • Alta Equipment Co.

  • BPS- Bonnette, Page, & Stone

  • New England Truck Center

  • Proquip/Milton Rents

  • Riverside + Pickering Marine Contractors

Thanks to the following Businesses who have sponsored trail miles this year:

  • First Rand Hill Realty LLC

  • BPS- Bonnette, Page, & Stone

  • Shibley's at The Pier

  • Trailside Powersports

  • Powersport Junction LLC

  • Island Real Estate

  • Caldwell Bankers- Denise Wallsten, Realtor

Thanks to the following Families who have sponsored trail miles this year:

  • The Ferruccio Family : Lookout pullover on Roberts Land

  • Straubel Family

  • St. Jean Family

  • Roberts Family 

Our Sponsors: Text
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