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December Meeting

Just a reminder that the next meeting of the Mt. Major Snowmobile Club will be on this coming Tuesday, December 13, at 6:00 PM, at Fosters' Tavern.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in their memberships, extra donations, and have worked to prepare the trails for the coming riding season.

November Meeting Minutes:

Mount Major Snowmobile Club

Minutes of the meeting- November 8, 2022

The meeting was held at Foster’s Tavern and called to order at 6:07 PM with 14 members present.

The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and, on a motion by Denise W., approved.

The cash report was discussed and, on a motion by Leslie R., approved.

Grant in Aid- Summer- We have received the UTV reimbursement (60%) from the DNCR. Required lights have been purchased ($534.00). Leslie and April still need to work out the details of the loan to cover the additional purchase cost. A drag from JB in Maine has been ordered and a deposit of $945.00 has been sent. $8505.00 is still due upon receipt. An email has been sent to inquire on its status.

Winter grooming grant- We have not yet heard from the DNCR regarding this.

Fundraising- We will be selling trail sponsorships again. The price will be $150.00 per sign. The signs will be put up as requested or at high visibility locations. One has been purchased so far and a few have stated interest in doing so. Denise will organize this. If you are interested you can contact her at We will also be holding our super St. Patty’s Day raffle. Details still need to be arranged. Discussion was made to also have signs on our groomer drags. Pat will look into Custom Ink and AMI Graphics for sign design. It was approved to allot $200.00 for any set up fee.

Groomers- Gary C. has not yet contacted his supplier to obtain 250 gallons diesel fuel for our tank.

Tucker- Maintenance is still needed for this season. It has been moved to Gary’s from its summer storage.

Tracker- Work is in progress to get it restored for use this winter. The differential is due soon.

Trail reports:

22- Fill has been placed at the bridge under power lines near Alton Mt. Rd. An additional pole and decking has been added on the Frohock Brook Rd Bridge. Mark S. will bring his brush hog to clear Hussey’s again this this.

Primary Trail 305- There is a large rock which was pulled onto trail during logging. Hillsgrove has said that he will take care of it.

Trail D- Fill has been placed at the bridge on Roger’s land.

Trail E- A bypass has been made at the beaver pond. There is still some clean up needed. The West Alton Marina trail seems to be permanently closed to us. A reroute is needed.

Trail M- The 35 foot bridge is 90% completed.

Work details- Scheduling of work details must be done well in advance.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:33 P.M.

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