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February Meeting Minutes

Mount Major Snowmobile Club

Minutes of the meeting- Feb.9, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 6:10 PM with 12 members present.

The minutes of last month’s meeting were reviewed and, on a motion by Larry S., approved.

The cash report was reviewed and, on a motion by Bruce W., approved.

Denise W. has agreed to take over the task of writing articles for the Sno-Traveler.

Grant in Aid- Summer- Payment has been received from DRED. The loan for tracks has been totally repaid.

Winter- The first grooming bill ($1964.90) has been sent in but payment has not been received. There was no grooming during the month of January.

Fund raising- Tickets went on sale Jan. 16 and were dispersed to Coyote Creek, Berry’s Bait, Irwin Marine of Alton, Gilmanton Café, and Trailside. On line sales have been fair to good. Better promotion is still needed.

We are still waiting for payment for sale of NHSA raffle tickets.

The ‘Go Fund Me’ page seems to have disappeared.

Groomer reports- New tracks are installed on Tucker. Maintenance has been done. New cutting blades are installed.

500 gallons of fuel has been received. Price per gallon is still in negotiation. The O-ring kit for Tucker plow did not correct the issues. A new plow piston has been ordered.

A new actuator has been purchased for the Skandic drag but it has failed after about 10 minutes of use. Larry B. will try to rectify situation.

Trail reports- Actual reports are needed for the website and Facebook.

Corr. trail ‘22’- Snipping is needed between Frohock Brook Rd and Alton Mt. Rd.

The culvert on Hussey’s property is exposed and either needs to be reset or more fill added.

Trail E- Snipping is needed between where trail turns off boulder loop hiking trail towards Jesus Valley Rd.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 P.M.

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