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It's Saint Patty's Day Super Raffle Time!

Hope you're feeling Lucky! Check it out at

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The next meeting of The Mt. Major Snowmobile Club will be on Tuesday, January 10, at 6 PM, at Foster's Tavern in Alton Bay. I have sent this notice a little late but I wanted to be able to include cur

Just a reminder that the next meeting of the Mt. Major Snowmobile Club will be on this coming Tuesday, December 13, at 6:00 PM, at Fosters' Tavern. Thank you to everyone who has sent in their membersh

Mount Major Snowmobile Club Minutes of the meeting- September 13, 2022 The meeting was held at Foster’s Tavern (new owner of JP China) andcalled to order at 6:15 PM with 7 members present. The minutes

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