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October Meeting Review

On Monday, October 12th, 12 members were present at the October MMSC Club Meeting at JP China. Future meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6 PM.

Discussion included: Maps- We need new maps. Larry B has been in contact with the Gilmanton Club to see possible mapping program. Leslie has sent GPS’d reroute of Roberts’ property to the NHSA for their map.

Website- Our new website is functional. New features will be added. It is a work in progress.

Fund raising- Fuel used last year- $2300.00, insurance- $3826.00, tucker tracks $5835.00, tucker lease- $751.00 per month, groomer repair and maintenance- ?? Denise W. will head a committee. Calendar raffle? Sale of hats, shirts, decals. Pat O. will look into setting up a Go-Fund-Me account. They will meet to discuss ideas.

Members have taken NHSA raffle tickets to sell. This has raised us about $500.00 each year in the past.

Groomer reports-Location of fuel tank- Bucky has given permission for winter storage of fuel tank. Electricity will be available. Gary will be using his account to purchase fuel at a reduced price. Tucker will be based at Gary’s and Pat’s, depending on snow conditions and need.

New cutting blades are needed for the Tracker and Tucker. Pat has delivered them to Gary.

Skandics- The 2004 has been sold.

Craig Nutter has screen to donate for the bridge with the beaver issues on Corr. 22.

Rip-rap will be moved to swampy area on Trail E. A work detail is planned for Sun., Oct.18 at 8 AM.

The bridge over Coffin Brook needs to be redecked. Two new bridges are needed over swamp on Primary 305. Land owner permission has been received. (completed in October)

Misc. other bridges will also need repairs. The purchase of bridge material was approved, on a motion by Larry B., seconded by Pat O., for up to $2070.00.

Misc. - Larry B. has requested permission to buy/build a snow roller for approximately $800.00. The motion was tabled due to lack of a financial report.

Land owners- There are approximately six new land owners who need to be approached for trail permission.

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