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September Meeting Minutes

Mount Major Snowmobile Club

Minutes of the meeting- September 13, 2022

The meeting was held at Foster’s Tavern (new owner of JP China) andcalled to order at 6:15 PM with 7 members present.

The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and, on a motion by Larry B, approved.

The cash report was discussed and, on a motion by Larry S, approved. Special mention was made regarding how good a job Denise W did last season with the fundraising. April Boles has not yet taken over the position of Treasurer. We just received paperwork from Joanne L 2 days ago.

Larry Sullivan is the new Trail Administrator following Joanne L’s resignation.

Grant in Aid- Summer- We were approved for a grant to purchase a UTV and drag. A UTV has been ordered from HK Powersport. A drag from JB in Maine has been ordered and a deposit of $945.00 has been sent. $8505.00 is still due upon receipt. 60% of the purchase prices will be covered by the grant. The remaining amount for the drag will be paid from club funds and the remaining amount for the UTV will be added to the Tucker loan (as voted on last season.) Leslie and April will work out the details on the loan.

The UTV was due last week but has not been delivered as of yet. The drag is not due until the end of October.

Winter- We applied for $22869.00 last year and was awarded $20942.00. We used $11884.57. This year’s grant must be adjusted to accommodate the new UTV and loss of the Skandic. It is due at the DNCR the first week of October. Larry B will work on making a groomer schedule which is required for the grant.


Tucker- Maintenance is still needed for this season. A new engine compartment door will not be ordered at this time. Gary will check on the condition of the latch.

Tracker- Work is in progress to get it restored for use this winter.

UTV- It was voted to put a street plate on it.

Trail reports-

22- Wear bars are needed on the Coffin Brook bridge. The pin on Frohock Brook Rd that was supposedly buried last year still needs to be looked for. Fill is needed at the bridge under power lines near Alton Mt. Rd. Discussion was made regarding the possible loss of the trail next year between Rte. 140 and Rte. 28. An additional pole and decking is needed on the Frohock Brook Rd bridge.

Primary 305- Markers are needed at each corner of 2 bridges.

Trail D- Fill is needed at the bridge on Roger’s land.

Trail E- A bypass would be desirable at the beaver pond.

Trail M- Additional poles are needed for a 35 foot bridge with some decking replacement (approx. 24.)

The meeting was adjourned at 7:13 P.M.

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