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April Meeting Minutes

Mount Major Snowmobile Club

Minutes of the meeting- April 19, 2022

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM with 5 members present.

The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and, on a motion by Denise W, approved.

There was no cash report available. April Boles has not yet taken over the position of Treasurer. Larry Sullivan was elected to fill the position of Trail Administrator following Joanne L’s resignation.

Grant in Aid: We need to apply for a grant to purchase a UTV. We were advised that there are no UTVs that fulfill the requirements for a RTP grant (American made steel.) A drag from JB in Maine has been ordered and a deposit of $945.00 has been sent. $8505.00 is still due upon receipt. We have received no response from them regarding if they use American made steel. We will put both items on a Grant-In-Aid request. The pros and cons of buying a shorter vs. longer Cam Am were discussed. It was voted to go with the longer version, mostly because it had apparently already been ordered. This cannot happen again. The longer one did have some options which were desirable.

Fundraising: Denise would like to see the Raffle start much earlier next year. We sold 320 tickets this year. More than half were purchased online. The issue with getting contact information for these online sales needs to be addressed.

Land owner permission: One permission is expiring this year. Larry B. will pursue renewal.

Groomers: Tucker, Larry B had forwarded an estimate for the replacement of the engine door which has now been damaged twice due to bad latches. The latches had been updated after the first time but it still happened again. It was voted to look into whether replacement was structurally necessary or was just cosmetic and what the likelihood that the latches would continue to be ineffective, leading to future recurrence of the same damage.

Tracker needs a new axle. Other repairs have been done. The gas tank condition remains unchanged.

Summer trail work: Any trail work details will be sent out via e-mail.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 P.M.

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