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March Meeting Minutes

Mount Major Snowmobile Club

Minutes of the meeting- March 15, 2022

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM with 9 members present.

The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and, on a motion by Pat O, approved.

The cash report was reviewed and, on a motion by Pat O, approved.

April Boles was elected as the new Treasurer. A letter of refusal for reelection for this position from Joanne Lundy was related to members. Larry B will ask Joanne if she will consider remaining in the position of Trail Administrator. All other officers were reelected to their current positions.

Grant in Aid- We need to apply for a grant to purchase a UTV. Possibly a RTP grant so as to not jeopardize the use of the grant in aid for a future Tucker replacement or a Jeep to replace the Tracker. An estimate of $35,988.00 for a CanAm Defender Pro Limited 1000 has been obtained. $540.00 can be saved if we install the tracks ourselves. If a grant is not received for this purchase it will be added to the Tucker loan.

A drag from JB in Maine has been ordered and a deposit of $ 945.00 has been sent. $8505.00 is still due upon receipt.


St. Patty’s Day Raffle- The winner will be pulled at The American Legion on 3/17 between 6:30 and 7 PM.

Pat has received a quote for fleece lined caps for $12.00 each.

Land owner permission- The only permission which will expire this year is on Corr. 22 on the Morse property. Larry B. will pursue renewal.


Tucker- Parts are still being searched for to complete the repair of the exhaust issue. Work on the pin holder and pan is needed on the drag. Roger B. needs to be approached about doing this work.


Needs to be replaced. It is OK if the gas tank is only filled half way. Other damage was incurred when it broke through the ice on the swamp on Trail E.

Summer trail work

We need to speak to Ken A. about his offer for the use of some equipment.

Corr. Trail 22 Fill is still needed at the bridge along the power lines. The beaver issue at the bridge still needs to be dealt with. The bridge on Frohock Brook Rd needs an additional pole and replacement of some decking.

Primary Trail 305 Bridge markers need to be installed over the swamp.

Trail D Fill is still needed at the bridge on Roger S’s property. 10 boards are needed to complete the replacement of old decking on this bridge.

Trail E A bypass to the swamp needs to be investigated.

Trail M Ron A. is trying to arrange a trail for us that would go through town on Trail A and connect with trail M. If this happens then Trail M will need work. Possibly a grant can be applied for to replace all the bridges along Rte 11. The long bridge,35 feet, needs additional poles and some deck replacement.


Due to the continuing problem of ATVs and dirt bikes entering the Roberts property, even with the no ATV/dirt bike signs, there will be 3 gates installed. This will be on Corr. Trail 22, Trail D, and the Blue trail. These gates will be open for the snowmobile season and accessible for trail work.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 P.M.

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