Work Weekend Oct 17-18

On Saturday, Oct. 17, starting at 8 AM we will be removing the decking from the bridge on Corr 22 over Coffin Brook (next to the sand pit) on Rte 28 in order to prepare it to get new decking. There will also be trail clipping and clearing along Primary trail 305 heading towards the swamp. Prep work will be done for the installation of 2 new bridges there.

On Sunday, Oct. 18, starting at 8 AM we will be moving rip-rap from the end of Jesus Valley Rd towards some wet spots on the trail towards Mt. Major. Trail snipping and clearing will also be done. If 8 AM is too early for you, feel free to come when you can.

There will be more work at future dates to the Coffin Brook bridge and build the 2 bridges on Primary 305.


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